Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Depeche Mode vs. Outkast


Whole World Loves Jesus"

I wouldn't say the whole world loves this mashup. But, to my surprise, it has made the rounds.

I posted it at Get Your Bootleg On ( on Sunday and, at last count, my posting had 660 views (that's a lot for me). So far, three listeners -- from Denmark, Germany, and "West of France," respectively -- have left replies.

After googling myself (a favorite pastime), I found two sites have linked to this mashup as well, which is awesome. One is in France ( and one in the Netherlands ( I'd never visited these sites before, so it was cool to find one of my "compositions" there.

Thanks to everyone who gave this a listen, and especially to those who linked to it!

EDIT: More than 7000 people have downloaded this mashup. Wow! If you haven't already, get on the bandwagon. (What else are you doing for the next 30 seconds?) Also, you can see all links to Noddable Industries (that I could track down) at the post Who's Nodding Now.