Sunday, June 08, 2008

Who's Nodding Now: Elmattic


I "met" Elmattic over at acapellas4u a while back. He has been bringing the heat for a while, and this time is no different, but I'm posting about it because he used "Respect the Name" in his latest mix. Many thanks for the nod.

It's always nice to hear my stuff in the mix, especially because that means a fellow producer gets what I'm doing. In Elmattic's case, he even gets the much maligned "So Emo". ("On some Minor Threat Bodyguard tip" might be the funniest description of it I've ever heard.) I'm still feelin it myself, so I've posted an extract from the podcast on my MySpace page: It's a (some would say mercifully) short version of "So Emo" mixed into my other Fugazi mashup, "Celebrity Break". Head here and click on "Celebrity Emo" in the jukebox.

While you're at it, check out Elmattic's page. the one finger of victory is a particular favorite of mine.