Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two Theme Songs and One Podcast

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"One-Minute Seinfeld"
Missy Elliott vs. Seinfeld theme
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MLS Theme
Noddable remix
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Noddables Bootie-to-Go Podcast
playlist and download here:

The two latest additions to my oeuvre are both theme-song redos. Combined they will take you approximately two minutes to get through.

One is a mashup of the Seinfeld theme and Missy's "One-Minute Man". I did it to get it out of my head and didn't plan to post it, but then I found
WFMU's one-minute remix competition and submitted it (I don't even know who won, but I'm sure I was robbed). I haven't done "artwork" for it so, if you're reading this (ha!), you like this mashup, and you like doing photochops, send one in (noddables at gmail) and I'll post it.

The other is a remix of the MLS theme. This was done on request (I do take requests, though I usually take forever to finish them) for
The Offside Rules. I've mentioned SF in this space before, in the context of This New American. From what I can tell, he's let that one go and just does TOR now. It's a seriously entertaining read, and I don't even know what he's on about half the time. (Sort of like when I'm up early on Sunday morning on my way to Pilates and I hear the sports update at the end of BBC World News [So I'm a yuppie and a metalhead. Problem with that?] only much funnier. What's a wicket again?) Helps if you follow soccer, but read it anyway. Seriously.

Compared to those, my Bootie-to-Go podcast goes on forever. (Partly, I think, because more often than I would've guessed, I work in an uncommon genre: the depressing mashup. ) I buried a mention to this in my metal post, so I'm mentioning it again, in case I lost you at "metal".

It's got nearly everything I've done to this point, even the early stuff, which I "freehanded" in
Audacity without using a click track (much less a beatmapper). I redid a few tracks that were just too wobbly and/or out of key, even for the likes of me, and you might see those on their own in this space at some point (or just ask).

I put much of it together in Acid Music, though at the time, I clearly wasn't aware of some of its limitations, either. (I read on GYBO much later that Acid doesn't handle tempo changes well... no kidding... and they were referring to Acid Pro!) So some of it sounds like your transistor radio is not quite tuned in. It's crapalicious, to be sure, but I hope it's crapalicious in some vaguely charming way. I never bothered to fix it because, at the time, I thought I was on deadline. It's obvious now that I had all the time in the world, but I'm ready to move on.

I'm using Acid Pro now, and I must grudgingly admit it's far superior to anything else I've used. For the time being, I'm making some forays into actual production, and trying to collaborate cross-country with my brother. And you can hear that... when it's finished.