Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm on the... Radio!

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On the
Who's Nodding Now tip, I found out recently that "Whole World Loves Jesus" was featured on Canadian radio this summer. How cool is that?

The show is called Impending Loom. It airs on Radio Malaspina, CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo, British Columbia. The hosts are DJ Doc and MC Mic Control. The playlist for the night on which I appeared features some amazing artists. (Like... how did I get on this list? Not that I'm complaining!) I wrote in, and the guys kindly offered to try to get a stream of that night's show for me. If they post it, I'll post it here. Otherwise, I'll find out if they mind me sharing it.

Impending Loom and other cool links that turned up in the net were added, as always, to the Who's Nodding Now post, but I thought this was worth calling attention to. Thanks again, guys, for putting Noddables in the mix.