Sunday, November 19, 2006

Noddable Industries Bootie-to-Go podcast

The Bootie Blog is doing a podcast called Bootie-to-Go, which features a different U.S. based mashup artist each week. This week it's featuring me!

The podcast is scheduled for release on Tuesday. It will have an interview with me followed by a continuous mix featuring all "original" material. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes -- just search the podcast directory for "bootie" and you'll find it. There's more information about subscribing to or downloading the podcast here:

I posted a playlist here: If you've been following my music, most songs on the playlist will look *eerily* familiar. But there are a few surprises, one of which I'll let out of the bag now: "Celebrity Break" (Fugazi vs. Twista). It's sort of a B side to "Overnight Superman". You can hear it streamed at my MySpace page or download the mp3 at my "official" page.

Thanks to World Famous Audio Hacker and the Bootie Blog for putting this together.

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