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Tracks from Bootie-to-Go mix

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I was corresponding with a fan on MySpace (that's right, wise guy, I have a fan) who was asking why some tracks that appear on the Bootie-to-Go mix are not posted anywhere as stand-alone tracks. Truth is, I'd been thinking about posting those and just never got around to it. They are now linked up to the podcast playlist.

I redid some tracks because I always thought they were excellent in concept, but I didn't have the technical skill at the time to make them as good as they could be. Others I did specifically for the podcast. Still others I used it in an unaltered form, or the altered form was worse. So you won't read about those below, but the original tracks are still linked up on the podcast page.

(BTW, if you want to know track and album information, go here:

True Spit

Broken Social Scene vs. Spandau Ballet

"Connective tissue" for the podcast, this is a case of never hearing the BSS song without hearing the SB song. BSS drops the beat near the end, so you'll hear the two tracks go out of sync. I guess click tracks haven't made it up to "The Frozen Nort'" yet. Just joshin'. I love you guys.

The Scene and Cake

Broken Social Scene vs. The Sea and Cake

More BSS (seriously, I love you guys) and also new for the podcast. I planned at some point to do an EP or LP around these two artists and call it The Scene and Cake. But you know how plans go. I guess it'll have to wait until I win the MacArthur genius grant (or, far more likely, the lottery).

Step into Flint

Sufjan Stevens vs. Archers of Loaf

I almost called this "Flint with Drums" cause that's basically what it is. But it is a mashup, so I've got nothing to hide. And if it gets one more person to check out Archers, that's cool. When I told The Review Committee (aka, my wife) that I'd added drums to "Flint", she was curious to hear it, probably thinking I'd made it more upbeat. Then she heard it and said, "Wow, I didn't think you could make 'Flint' even more depressing." It's a talent of sorts.

Hated for Hipster Qualities
Blonde Redhead vs. Tortoise

Redo for the podcast and another foray into the "depressing mashup" genre. Just always heard these two songs together. Little touch of Fugazi there at the end, if you hadn't noticed.

Rock Ya Bono
Justin vs. U2

OK, this is an old one, and I didn't redo it, but I didn't release it the first time either (unless you're a reader of the Tweak section of GYBO). Fair warning: Sound quality on the DIY Justin pella is awful (thus the Tweak section), and I think the chorus is the only part that's really worth hearing (that's all that's on the podcast). But, hey, download and decide for yourself. If you take things like the lyrics in pop music seriously, this one is pretty blasphemous.

Last Look of Love
Slum Village vs. Jeff Buckley

New for the podcast. This was never a full composition, so it's all connective tissue here. Also blasphemous, if you're a listen-to-the-lyrics type.

Sunny Day of Tha Month
Sunny Day Real Estate vs. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Redo for the podcast. This one continues to be one of my favorites. Urban jubilation meets (in my case) exurban angst. It's never set anyone else's hair on fire, so I don't think some analysis will ruin it for anyone.

The chorus is a classic example of the comic's cliche, "black people do it this way, white people do it this way." The "wake up, wake up..." part of the Bone chorus is syncopated (i.e., emphasis is on the one-and), whereas the corresponding SDRE "juh-nuh, juh-nuh..." guitar part is right on the beats, so I had to shift the vocal chorus back a bit.

I love both the source songs, though for years I wouldn't have admitted to liking Bone (I'm over it). I never could understand why it's un-hip to like Bone, who basically invented this style of rapping, but it is hip to like other tongue-twisters like Blackalicious or Twista, who came along later. Oh well. I like all those cats. Obviously.

Loro Circles an Angel
Pinback vs. Sunny Day Real Estate

New for the podcast. More SDRE, this time with Pinback. They often remind me of each other, though I can't say why (they're not much alike).

That's it. I hope you enjoy.

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