Monday, July 04, 2005

New Home and Ads

As you may know, my mashups have a new home:
TinyUrl did a valiant job of making the urls from my personal pages look like less of a joke, but I vastly prefer this setup.

And, as you know if you're looking at this page, there are now ads on this blog. As I've mentioned before, if you're reading this or any blog, you already have a high tolerance. A few ads won't kill you. If you just want to get to the music already, just click on the link above. It's still clean and ad free. Basically, I'm trying to get love from Google in any way I can. It seems like the long way around to optimizing my site, and I'm not even sure if it will work, but I'm giving it a shot. Maybe I'll make enough in ad revenue to pay for Web hosting.

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