Friday, February 25, 2005

Jay-Z vs. Swervedriver

"Rave That Dirt Down Off Your Shoulder" (

My first ever attempt at a mashup was far too ambitious for my nascent skills. It would take actual musical knowledge--you know, of keys and stuff--to complete. (I have worked on a scaled-down version, but you may not ever hear that one, either.)

Anyway, Jay-Z vs. Swervedriver is the first mashup I actually completed. I must admit, a lot of credit (or blame) goes to Jay-Z for making these acapellas widely available. If I hadn't actually finished this mashup, I may have long since quit altogether.

I think, were Jay-Z's fans to hear of this mashup, they'd be like, "Great...another Jay-Z mashup." I haven't actually investigated that--it's just a strong hunch. On the other hand, unlike Jay-Z remixes, I don't think Swervedriver remixes come out every other minute.

So, when I had this in a halfway listenable form, I ran it by the good folks at ( who provided some helpful comments. (In all fairness, WTS also made many of the same comments. However, he is half deaf, so you can't blame me for seeking a second opinion.)


Anonymous said...

Anything with Swervedriver Frankie likes...including, his own Swervedriver inspired tune called "Swerving" -

Anonymous said...

What up, Chuck!? It's yo boy, T-Riggy. Ha-ha, just kiddin. Good stuff man. So much cleaner this go-round than the demo you gave me. Put this shit up on your MySpace profile jukebox so I can add it to my page.

noddables said...

Thanks for listening, T-Dog. Done and done.

If you don't know, my MySpace page is here:

Hear some stuff streamed there, and add me to your friends list why don't you.