Sunday, February 21, 2010

6: The Number of the Beats

Full Mix/Podcast Format:

6: The Number of the Beats

27:55 minutes, 38 MB

Track-by-Track/Burnable Format:

6 Part 1

Jesus Intro / Music for Golden Musicians
4:05 minutes, 3.9 MB

6 Part 2
The Greatest Dramamine on Earth (Incredible Dewel)
4:10 minutes, 3.9 MB

6 Part 3

Another Way Around / Hexagram
4:10 minutes, 3.9 MB

6 Part 4
Ethiopian Star / Hank's Broken Waltz (Threemo)
4:01 minutes, 3.8 MB

6 Part 5
Radio Goo Goo / Jesus Interlude / Simply A Joy to Rule the World

5:47 minutes, 5.4 MB

6 Part 6
Right Round Apples / I Kissed the Right Brigade / Jesus Outro

5:42 minutes, 5.3 MG

Sampled artists, in order of first appearance:
Tortoise, Depeche Mode, Outkast, Art Blakey, Jill Scott, Steve Reich, Modest Mouse, Aceyalone, Mulatu Astatqe, John Coltrane, Swervedriver, Max Roach, Breadwinner, Hum, Slayer, Design Flaw, The Winstons, Blonde Redhead, Sunny Day Real Estate, Hank Mobley, Feqadu Amde-mesqel, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Tears for Fears, Death from Above 1979, Frank N Dank, Flo-Rida, Candy Machine, Katy Perry, Bad Brains, Helium, Metallica

Note to iTunes users:

For best playback, go to Edit --> Preferences --> Playback and untick the Sound Check box.
For best burn, Burn Disc --> untick Use Sound Check for best burn.

Thanks as always for listening.

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