Saturday, July 11, 2009

tracks from Sixfreak

Long time no type. I'm surprised I remember my login...

So I'm working on this new thing, working title "Sixfreak". Everything on it is in 6 (nothing in 4). So far a couple of tracks are worth posting, so here's a little preview.

Sixfreak Megamix

Yeah, maybe listen to 6 Part 5 and 6 Part 6 instead.

I entered this in the acapellas4u megamix contest. Something more danceable with like a million more samples will win (prove me wrong, Cut Up Boys, prove me wrong! : ), but the contest gave me an opportunity to think seriously about how some of these tracks will go together on the final/full version. It turned out pretty well, though I probably could have messed around with it for another month... which is why I'm glad it was due today.

Tracklist as follows:

01 -- Your Own Ethio-Jesus
02 -- Simply a Joy to Rule the World
03 -- F&D Slayin' It
04 -- I Kissed the Right Brigade (and I Liked It)
05 -- Whole World Loves Jesus

Another Way Around

I've had this up on FB and MySpace for a minute, so if yr friends with me either place, you've probably already heard it. First time posting the mp3, though. As with anything, so far, no one's even paying enough attention to ask me to take it down but... you never know. Get it now just in case.

ethio dnb

I decided -- it's called Ethiopian Star (

No idea what to actually call this. Suggestions? (I'm feelin Ethio-jazz these days, if you didn't notice.)

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