Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year, New Look

Mysterious D left a comment recently, I had to admit that maybe someone reads this thing. Why punish those of you who do stop by with an unreadable template, and why not spruce up the place with a few pictures? There you have it.

I even posted "artwork" for mashups I did long ago. It seems that sometimes it just takes a while for people to come around (be it to your point of view or your music). A MySpace comment has sparked some interest in my very first mashup. (Thanks Pat, whoever you are.) And my third mashup ever is available streaming on Project Playlist (though I have no idea how people are finding it), also a MySpace thingy. (Thanks Rupert Murdoch?)

On a final MySpace note, Erock posted the jowler above as a comment on my MySpace profile. (What's a jowler?) While I appreciate his portrayal of the dark side of steroids (Just say no, kids! The homeruns aren't worth it!), that's just not noddable. In fact, I'm shaking my head (quickly, in front of a camera), which is the opposite of nodding, if you think about it. Enjoy it now -- I could go into a roid rage at any time and lose my sense of humor. As for Erock... let's just say I got a digital camera for Xmas... and I know where Erock lives... and I'm not above revenge ...

Update: So, I found myself on Project Playlist, but
my track was not properly labelled. So ~700 people were actually trying to get Whitney Houston's "So Emotional" and got my "So Emo". Kind of different. As nice as it is to have a captive audience, people should get what they expect. So I moved my file to a different directory, and now the link on Project Playlist is broken. Anyone seeking out "So Emo" can find it relatively easily, so I'm not worried about it.

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