Monday, February 14, 2005

Liz Phair vs. Jaylib


"Canaryz is Out Tonight" (

Jaylib is a collaboration between Jay Dee (aka J Dilla) and Madlib, probably my two favorite hip hop producers. The Jaylib song is called "Starz" and in this case, it's Dilla on the beat and Lib on the verses. The Liz Phair song is called "Canary" and it's one that, years ago, I brooded over a lot. It just popped in my head again for no good reason.

This was my second successful attempt at a mashup (the first was Jay-Z vs. Swervedriver). When I started this one, I realized I had a self-control problem. I didn't even like it--the piano sounded nice over the beat and that was about the extent of my curiosity--but I kept at it anyway.

The first draft was passable. Lib took a verse, Liz took a verse, that was about it. (And on the Liz verse I was trainwrecking all over the place.) But it was everyone else's favorite, which made its incomplete state all the more annoying. So, this weekend, I finished the second (and, I hope, final) draft. It's now got a few more things that every song should have: an intro, a chorus, and reversed-out piano at the end--and I fixed the trainwrecking, for the most part. Now I actually like it. Dare I say it's a song.

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