Monday, February 14, 2005

Mashup Page

Mashups are taking over my life--or, at least, my brain and a lot of my free time. I appreciate that they are not taking over your life so, instead of sending you an unsolicited e-mail every five seconds about something new I've done, I'm using this blog as an outlet for my compulsion.

Make no mistake--I strongly dislike blogs. I am fully aware of their literary limitations (and my own). I'm not trying to take the "blah" out of blogs--I'm not sure it's possible. However, I want to keep the design of my mashup page clean, and put all the useless information over here, where it belongs. Not to mention that Google does not look for personal Web pages like the one I use. But maybe Google will find it if I use it's blog and link it all up.

So, the mashup page is here ( I'll be updating it and providing the running commentary at this blog. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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